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Client Goal

The site of caution tape and the remains of a building fire greeted Dr. Corey Plaster as he drove into the parking lot of 5th Avenue Dental on the morning of July 24th, 2020. He was heartbroken to see the once beautiful office that had just been remodeled in 2018 using DIRTT millwork and walls be so devastated by this fire. Now, the burning question was how to start the daunting task of rebuilding the clinic.


The Solution 

After careful examination, many of the existing cabinets could be cleaned and reused. Despite the fire and water damage, the doors and aluminum frames were also salvaged. Dr. Plaster, alongside Jongeward Construction and the Constructiv Team, were able to use the existing DIRTT plans and other materials to quickly reassemble the project. After disassembling, cleaning, and reordering additional materials, Constructiv reinstalled the office within two weeks. The result is an office that is modern, clean, and ready for business with no trace of a fire.

Solutions Used

  • Reusing existing DIRTT frames, doors
  • Reused glass tiles for embedded televisions
  • Custom millwork
  • Electrical with Patient Care in exam rooms

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