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Client Goal

Functional, transformable, and progressive were the target goals when designing the Scott Morris Center for Energy Innovation interior for Avista. The space needed to accommodate the variety of clients who would be touring the facility, plus meet the needs of the employees who work in this technology driven environment.

Constructiv Site Photos 2_Client-Avista

The Solution 

Collaboration between Avista and Constructiv made it possible to integrate the various needs into the scope. Because of options such as the leaf wall, large and small groups of clients could utilize the education area, and embedded televisions were placed for classroom and single-person use. Avista also planned the design to have the option to alter and reuse the DIRTT modular walls as technology and conditions change in the future. The finished result of Avista’s pioneering efforts are truly evident in this trailblazing facility.

Solutions Used

  • Embedded televisions
  • Back-painted glass for a writable surface
  • Tackable tiles
  • Leaf wall
  • Hidden wall storage for technology
  • Sit-stand desks
  • Timber

From The Client

Constructiv Site Photos 2_Avista 1
Constructiv Site Photos 2_Avista 2
Constructiv Site Photos 2_Avista 3

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