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Client Goal

Dr. Kyle Huish set out to create a space that would utilize the most current technology in the dental field while providing a private and comfortable experience for the clients. Each of these needs had to be met in an existing building with limited space.

Constructiv Site Photos_Client-Dynamic Dental

The Solution 

The Constructiv team, Dr. Kyle Huish, and WF Contractors collaborated in the development of the clinic that would accommodate the equipment and function of how the employees would utilize the area. Because the walls can be easily modified, it made it simple to adjust the wiring and technology that is behind the tiles like the embedded television for the clients to view their information. The end result was an aesthetically pleasing, highly functional space.

Solutions Used

  • Embedded televisions
  • Back-painted glass for a writable surface
  • Double insulation in walls
  • Custom cabinets
  • Accessibility to plumbing from walls and cabinets
  • Custom paint colors
  • Pre-constructed plumbing chases

From The Client

Constructiv Site Photos_DDC 1-1
Constructiv Site Photos_DDC 2-1
Constructiv Site Photos_DDC 3-1

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