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Client Goal

Although rough, the integrity of the original industrial characteristics of the 1909 Wonder Building were features that Ten Capital wanted to preserve during the reconstruction of their new office. Tim Mitrovich, CEO & Chief Investment Officer of Ten Capital, reached out to Constructiv to create a modern and convivial environment that employees and clients could utilize while enjoying this remarkable loft-design. in all ways, formatting pages to look great on any screen: desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile devices.

The Solution 

The leveling capabilities of the DIRTT wall solution was the perfect fit to be used with the unlevel surfaces of this historic building. Constructiv also had to adapt to existing cloud ceilings and blend with features of a prior remodel. The finished result was a cohesive space with a seamless aesthetic.

Solutions Used

  • Embedded televisions
  • Veneer covered panels
  • Tackable and writable wall surfaces
  • Inspire glass fronts

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