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Client Goal

Dr. Corey Plaster and Dr. Bryson LeMone were moving their practice to a new building and a quick move was crucial. At the new West Plains Dental, the dentists wanted their clients to have a top-notch experience from the modern aesthetics of the reception area to the beautifully designed exam rooms.

Client Goal-West Plains-1

The Solution 

Jongeward Construction and the dentists provided a layout of the space with DIRTT incorporated into the reception, office areas, exam rooms, and sterilization. The dentists were able to make swift decisions on aesthetics and function by the renderings and fly-throughs provided by Constructiv. An existing DIRTT wall from the prior office was also used in the new area which helped save money. The installation for all the areas in DIRTT were completed within three weeks which helped propel the opening of this exceptional clinic.

Solutions Used

  • Reusing existing DIRTT walls
  • Custom millwork
  • 2" thick Inspire Glass Wall for a divider
  • Embedded television
  • Electrical with Patient Care in exam rooms
  • 12' high walls for reception area
West Plains 1
West Plains 3
West Plains 2

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